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Rishabh Rajan is an award winning music producer & educator currently based in New York. He produces electronic music under the name code:MONO & hosts a YouTube channel featuring music and live mashup videos using performance controllers like the Ableton Push. He is also a sample library developer having worked with companies like Bela... Read More

mpc live buy

The remarkably powerful Akai Professional MPC X has all it takes to replace your DAW, whether live or in the studio. It is the latest flagship from the Akai brand, and as such, comes with features that are not found in many other options on the market.

The Native Instruments Maschine MK2 model comprises of a self-contained production environment and comes with plenty of features to rival some of the best models from Akai.A notable reason why this model is so highly rated is that the controller and software are tightly integrated. Therefore, almost all the functions of the software can be run straight from the hardware. With this design, you can perform live or create an entire album without looking at the screen.

There are fewer notable changes to the MPC Live hardware. The notable changes to this device will be the addition of four stereo mini-jacks on the rear panel to output the CV signals. The CV was already added on the larger MPC X. Still, given the amplification of accessible analogue gear and the eurorack systems, it is a sensible and great addition to MPC Live. The CV sequencing is nicely added into the existing MPC workflow, and the ability of the MPC Live to sample and trigger the analogue hardware adds to the appeal of using it as the center of a live setup.

With battery power and inherent speakers, the MPC Live II is prepared to shake a few blocks. It hasn't been a while since the MPC live, Akai's return to standalone music workstation was made, and a lot has changed since then. The MPCs have had several software updates and presently now have onboard synth plugins, and Ableton live control feature.

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MPC Founder Ivonne Montealegre (center in the lead photo) and Cash Game Festival COO Mauritz Altikardes sat with PokerNews for an exclusive interview about the festival and their commitment to delivering a VIP experience for everyone that attends.

"As a poker player, I'd be really excited to see what this unique collaboration between the CGF and the MPC can deliver as a whole," said Altikardes. "Two concepts targeting poker players from different perspectives and angles." 041b061a72


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