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Buy Girl Scout Cookies Weed Online

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Kayla Dillard, a parent who was with the troop, told INSIDER that a man bought seven boxes for $40 and told the girls to keep the change. But, shortly after, he returned to purchase all of the cookies the troop had to keep them out of the cold weather. All in all, the man spent $540 on cookies.

And now, Girl Scouts are able to create websites through which they can sell cookies during the cookie-buying season, but buyers must actually know a Girl Scout in order to be invited to purchase the cookies online. Cookie lovers who don't personally know a Girl Scout can find a local cookie booth by entering their zip code on the Girl Scouts website.

Customers in select areas will be able to order their cookies for pickup or delivery via the DoorDash app or online starting in January. The service is expected to expand to more locations in February. All proceeds will benefit local troops and councils.

In addition to ordering through DoorDash, cookies can also be purchased from a registered Girl Scout by texting COOKIES to 59618. You can also enter your zip code into the Girl Scout Cookie Finder online beginning Feb. 18 to find a booth nearest to you.

First piloted in 2014, the Girls Scouts Digital Cookie platform has become a fixture of the sales program, allowing friends and family to support scouts from a distance and have cookies delivered to their doorsteps. While in-person transactions still make up the majority of sales in Colorado, the online portal is one way Girl Scouts of the USA has modernized the cookie program to meet the purchasing habits of 21st-century customers.

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Booth sales will look a little different. The Scouts will be wearing face masks, and there will be large supplies of hand sanitizer. Cleaning protocols will be followed, and the tables will be farther from store entries than before and have fewer girls selling cookies at once.

Online sales have been steadily increasing since they began three years ago, Smock said. By this time last year, Girl Scouts had sold 13,000 boxes of cookies online compared with 8,000 by this time in 2019. This year, Girl Scouts have sold 32,000 boxes of cookies online so far.

People can visit and enter their ZIP code to find a Girl Scout Troop selling cookies in their neighborhood. Cookie enthusiasts can order online and have them shipped to their door. The site also lists local booth sales by ZIP code so people can see where booths are set up for in-person purchases. 041b061a72


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