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Where To Buy Persian Rugs

I just bought Sirius design rug carpet few months ago. I liked the way described on their page how to take care of rugs is useful. And they took little bit more time to delivered. But its worth to wait for good things take place. Nice experience to buy rugs carpet online.

where to buy persian rugs

Our company is the biggest handmade vintage Turkish rug and kilims supplier of Turkey. Our company sells, vintage small area rugs, bathroom rugs, bathmats, doormats, cushions, large area rugs, runner rugs and all kinds of kilim rugs. You can check our products at the link below. If you have any other requests we would like to work on it. If it is interesting for you please contact us. We would love to work with you in the future.

I would like to recommend BohoFlourish on Etsy. Some of their rugs are available on Chairish, as well. They offer free shipping but have a no-return policy that is explained very well on the site. That being said, the rugs come cleaned and from a smoke and pet-free environment. I have several and have had no disappointments. The rugs are vintage rugs, 1930s-1960s, from villages in Iran. Lots of pictures of each rug. And it is also great just for learning about different types of Persian rugs.

Weavers who produce tribal rugs almost always use hand spun wool from the sheep that they themselves rear and the dyes that are used are manufactured from the leaves and roots of plants found in that particular region.

Traditional Persian rugs on the other hand are more elaborate and sophisticated with a higher knot count. This higher knot density allows the weavers to produce busy patterns that are much more intricate and multifaceted.

Kermans, Isfahans, Qums and Kashans are some of more well known Persian city rugs. In weaving these city rugs, weavers in each of these cities follow complex, curvilinear designs that have been sketched on paper by palace artists.

Before you forge ahead with your rug buying, you need to decide whether you want to buy a tribal or a city rug. Another important aspect that you should keep in mind when buying Persian rugs is that you cannot compare tribal rugs and city rugs.

City rugs will always win with regards to better finish, sleeker looks and higher knot count. However, although tribal rugs have lower knot counts and a less than perfect finish, they have a rugged, folk-art look that has its own charm. Unless they are outrageously badly made (which is very rare), these rugs are considered to be of fine quality.

With regular care and maintenance, an authentic Persian rug can last more than 100 years, as with antique Persian rugs. The secret to their durability is in the materials used and how they are constructed.

Yes, size is one of the major factors that affects the value of a Persian rug. This is primarily because these rugs are made entirely by hand. Weavers spend hours making one knot at a time to create these magnificent pieces.

Look for small imperfections and variations of the knots. Check the knot work around the border of the rug. Persian rugs will always have slight imperfections because of the fact that they are hand-knotted.

Hand-woven rugs are made with all-natural materials and dyed with plant or vegetable dyes, so there will be a slight variance in color saturation and hue. Machine-made rugs will usually be absolutely smooth, both on the top side and the underside, and the colors will be unvarying throughout.

If the rug has fringes at either end, the fringes should be neatly cut and the ends secured neatly and tightly. Cotton fringes are the best but wool is also good. It is best to avoid buying rugs that have discolored fringes or if the fringes are made of any fabric other than cotton or wool.

Look for any aberrations in colorations. A darker colored patch could mean that the rug has been mended in another color, whereas a lighter colored patch could mean that the rug has faded over time. Both scenarios are unacceptable.

When you are considering knot count, what you do need to know is rugs with a more intricate pattern will generally have a higher knot count and will also be much more expensive than rugs with a basic pattern or a lower knot count. Your decision will depend on how much you are willing to pay for a rug.

Often repairs are not obvious when looking at the front of the rug. One easy way of checking for repairs is to flip the rug over and look at the back. A few minor repairs are acceptable, however large repairs or big patches detract from the rug's true worth. Vintage rugs with big repairs should be avoided.

Just like fine antiques, over the years some vintage rugs develop a patina. If the wool of the vintage rug is fatty (has a high lanolin content), with use over the decades, the vintage rug will develop a lovely pattina. The result is a lovely sheen and sometimes a silky appearance.

The colours used in vintage rugs make them very attractive indeed. Natural dyes are often used, making vintage rugs desirable and unique. They mellow beautifully with time and this process cannot be reproduced in new rugs. The colours should be good in quality across the rug. If the rug has obvious areas of fading it should be avoided.

Many vintage rugs are woven on wool. In time, especially if they have been wet or not washed properly, the rug may develop ripples. These are permanent. Rugs that have ripples and do not sit flat are not worth buying.

There are many ways in which some overseas rug merchants age rugs. The pile of the rug is sometimes treated with harsh chemicals to tone the colour down. If you separate the pile and the roots are very dark, then you can conclude the rug has been chemically treated. These rugs have no inherent value and should be avoided.

Most vintage rugs will have some imperfections. A small stain, a few repairs or some loose threads to name some examples. Minor imperfections are ok and they will be more than made up for by the joy your vintage rug will bring you.

At Persian Rug Co, we know vintage rugs. Our scouts in Iran and Afghanistan are always on the lookout for unique vintage rugs. They are not easy to come by. Prior to importation, our vintage rugs are vetted carefully. Before they are displayed in our store, we make sure they are washed and minor restoration occurs including rebounding the fringes. View our collection of vintage rugs here.

Traditional Persian rugs are highly popular and well known. It is no wonder, and certainly no secret, that this is due to their outstanding quality. The traditional hand-knotting, natural colours and fine woolen yarns are characteristics of the valuable Persian rugs, which have been produced in Persia (today: Iran) for centuries. In the traditional patterns and designs, they are back in demand to bring warmth and cosiness to your own home. Moreover, Persian rugs represent a sustainable luxury. You are looking at one of the largest online selections of genuine Persian rugs with a free shipment in the UK.

Tradition is a complex word. In the sense of the Persian rug it means finest woollen yarn is spun by hand and knotted in months of manual labor to rugs that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. The colours of the Orient are taken from nature and knotted in patterns that stand for the splendour and prosperity of ancient Persia. A world like from 1001 nights. Red, blue and ochre usually set the tone in the colour play of oriental rugs, but colourful variations are also frequently found. We also recommend a Persian rug for use as Children's rug, as they are made of purely natural materials. However, they are probably most often used as Living room rug.

Tradition is not only a promise but also an obligation. Nain Trading is aware of this commitment and sells only the best handmade rugs. Our traditional Persian rugs in the online shop are - and we guarantee this - products that have been manufactured with care and always meet the word "Persian rug" and the associated quality standards. Persian rugs are a type of oriental rug and at the same time probably the finest and highest quality rug, whose name is a luxury trademark today. They can have well over one million knots per square meter. With us you find the probably most extensive online assortment of genuine Persian carpets, no matter what size, shape, colour or from what period. Here you find Persian rugs from Nain, Tabriz, Isfahan, Mud, Qom, Kashan, Kerman, Shiraz and many more renowned regions. Depending on the age of the rug, the condition may vary, but it is always checked by our experts and then categorized for you. We give you five years guarantee on our Persian rugs as a unique promise of quality.

The following table gives an overview of the different finenesses of hand-knotted rugs. The two ranges "Very Fine" and "Especially Fine" can only be claimed by Persian rugs, as such a density requires a lot of experience, patience and an extremely high level of skill. Although the fineness does not specify a level of quality, it can give an idea of the complexity and rarity of a rug. For example, the knotting of a very fine Persian rug may require more than a year's handwork. Also, very detailed ornaments and patterns can only be reproduced with a high density of knots.

Very few types of décor have the prestige of Persian rugs. These handmade works of art have long been prized for their beautiful patterns, incredible craftsmanship, and outstanding durability. Persian rugs add timeless class to any room they're in. From antique Persian rugs to rugs made in more modern times, you're sure to find the perfect one.

Like all Oriental rugs, every Persian rug is painstakingly hand-knotted by skilled artisans over many months. Every rug is a one-of-a-kind reflection of the weaver and a completely unique work of art. Unlike other Oriental rugs, Persian rugs are exclusively made in Iran. In ancient times, the unmatched quality of Persian rugs made them highly sought after by traders on the Silk Road. There's a reason why antique rugs are still so popular! Today, many of the same techniques that made them so famous then are still being used to make beautiful wool and silk rugs with intricate designs and rich colors. Whether you looking for a traditional rug to decorate a formal dining room or you want to bring some global flair to your modern living room, you will never go wrong with a Persian rug from 041b061a72


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