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Where To Buy Sanderson Farms Chicken

Jeffcoat filed a lawsuit against Sanderson Farms after he was diagnosed with histoplasmosis, a fungal lung infection typically caused by exposure to bird droppings. He took a series of pictures and videos at chicken farms in East Texas.

where to buy sanderson farms chicken

Chicks are vaccinated while they are still developing in their shells. When vaccines are administered, Sanderson Farms takes the opportunity to inject an antibiotic to fight the ever-present bacteria associated with natural egg delivery. This step is the only time anything is injected into a Sanderson Farms egg or broiler chicken. After the chicks hatch, they are separated from their shells, counted, immunized, and kept comfortable until they are delivered to the family farms where they will be cared for as they grow.

The only time Sanderson Farms birds are ever caged is for their own safety during transport from the farm to the plant. The chickens arrive on trucks and are quickly placed into the controlled environment of the assembly line where they are humanely stunned unconscious by a small electric current, and therefore free from pain, before processing begins. 041b061a72


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