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X Launcher Pro: Phone X Theme, IOS Control Center V3.0.2 Apk

X Launcher Pro: Phone X Theme, IOS Control Center v3.0.2 Apk

Do you want to make your Android phone look like an iPhone? Do you want to enjoy the latest IOS13 style theme and control center on your phone? Do you want to get rid of the annoying ads on your launcher? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try X Launcher Pro, a powerful and customizable launcher that can transform your phone into a Phone X with no ads.

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X Launcher Pro is designed based on the latest IOS13 style theme, making your phone look like Phone X with no ads. It can completely change the appearance and operation of your phone, giving you an unprecedented experience. Here are some of the features that X Launcher Pro offers:

  • No Ads: X Launcher Pro has removed the annoying ads in the pro version, so there will be no accidental disturbances, and you can concentrate on what you have to do.

  • OS13 Style Control Center: Swipe down to open Control Center, where you can set WiFi, Network, Brightness, Volume, Take Photo quickly and easily.

  • Various Themes: X Launcher Pro has a cool Theme Store to provide various themes, adaptive to the themes you select, which can bring you a smooth interface like OS13.

  • Latest Wallpaper and Icon Sets: X Launcher Pro has a rich library of icons for Phone X and latest wallpapers that give you a comprehensive experience. You can also customize the icon pack for popular apps to IOS style.

  • Customize: You can modify the icon and name of the app, choose a local image and crop it, use it as an app icon. You can also change the number of rows and columns of the launcher.

  • Powerful App Manager: Swipe up to open App Manager, where you can find local apps and drop them to the desktop quickly.

  • Apple Style Folder: X Launcher Pro has an IOS style folder, where you can drop an app to another to create a folder.

  • Weather and Time Widget: X Launcher Pro provides a Weather and Time widget, which you can long press on screen and drag it to the screen. You can get the weather forecast for the recent days.

  • Hide Apps: You can hide apps that you don't want to display in the launcher.

  • App Unread Notification: X Launcher Pro has a new function to notify unread messages, turn on the App Notifier in the settings and grant permission, you can make your Facebook, Twitter and other apps you selected to show new information tips, so you won't miss any important notifications.

X Launcher Pro is a great launcher that can give you a Phone X experience on your Android phone. It is easy to use, fast and smooth. It has many customization options and themes to suit your preferences. It is also ad-free and affordable. You can download X Launcher Pro from [Google Play Store] or [OpenSea], where you can also find more information about this app.

If you are looking for a launcher that can make your phone look like an iPhone with no ads, then X Launcher Pro is the one for you. Try it today and enjoy the IOS13 style theme and control center on your phone.


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