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The Ultimate Django Book Complete Django Pdf 14

Django is hosted on the Python Package Index (PyPI), a central repository for most Python packages. We will use pip, the most popular package installer, which comes included with Python 3. To install the latest version of Django use the command python -m pip install django=4.0.0.

The Ultimate Django Book Complete Django Pdf 14

Do you see the multiple django_project directories? First a top-level django_project directory is created and then another one within it that contains the files we need for our Django project. This feels redundant to me which is why I prefer adding a period to the end which installs Django in the current directory.

The code for this project can live anywhere on your computer but the Desktop is an easy location for teaching purposes. On the command line navigate to the desktop and create a new directory called django-docker.

Next we can create a new project called django_project, migrate our database to initialize it, and use runserver to start the local server. Normally I don't recommend running migrate on new projects until after a custom user model has been configured but in this tutorial we will ignore that advice.

In this chapter we will be leveraging django-rest-framework to help build our API architecture. One of the best features of this Django reusable application is supportfor creating self-documenting and web-browsable APIs.

When creating this new Django project, we need to update the default project settings (in in the scrum folder) to incorporate django-rest-framework,as well as to reduce the defaults from the previous chapters. Also, since the server will not maintainany client state, the contrib.session references can be removed. This will break usage of the default Django admin,which means those references can be removed as well.

These changes remove django.contrib.admin, django.contrib.sessions, and django.contrib.messagesfrom the INSTALLED_APPS. The new INSTALLED_APPS include rest_framework and rest_framework.authtokenas well as the board app, which will be created in this chapter.

django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware, django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware, django.contrib.auth.middleware.SessionAuthenticationMiddleware, and django.contrib.messages.middleware.MessageMiddleware are part of the defaults for startproject but have been removed from the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES since these applications are no longer installed.

Building resources tied to Django models with django-rest-framework is easy with ViewSets.To build the ViewSet for the /api/sprints/, we should describe how the modelshould be serialized and deserialized by the API. This is handled by serializers and createdin board/

This serializer assumes that if a custom User model is used, then it extends from django.contrib.auth.models.CustomUser,which will always have a USERNAME_FIELD attribute, get_full_name method, and is_active attribute.Also note that since get_full_name is a method, the field in the serializer is marked as read-only.

At this point the board app has the basic data model and view logic in place, but it hasnot been connected to the URL routing system. django-rest-framework has its own URL routingextension for handling ViewSets, where each ViewSet is registered with the router fora given URL prefix. This will be added to a new file in board/

Having a visual tool and creating a browsable API is one of the best features of django-rest-framework. While you may chooseto disable it in your production system, it is a very powerful way to explore the API. In particular,using the browsable API helps you think about how a client will navigate through the API by followinglinks given in the responses.

To handle additional filtering of the task, we can make use of the DjangoFilterBackend. This requiresdefining a filter_class on the TaskViewSet. The filter_class attribute should be a subclass ofdjango_filters.FilterSet. This will be added in a new file, board/

This is the most basic use of django-filter; it builds the filter set based on the model definition.Each field defined in TaskFilter will translate into a query parameter, which the client can useto filter the result set. First, this must be associated with the TaskViewSet in board/

In an SSH session, for Django you can also create users with the python createsuperuser command like you would with a typical Django app. For more information, see the documentation for django django-admin and Use the superuser account to access the /admin portion of the web site. For Flask, use an extension such as Flask-admin to provide the same functionality.

You have to learn python first then django since django is a web framework only & written in python. for python starting with Learn Python from Scratch would be best since it covers most basic part of python.

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When Django compiles a template, it splits the raw template text intonodes. Each node is an instance of django.template.Node and hasa render() method. Thus, a compiled template is simply a list of Nodeobjects. For example, consider this template:

parser.parse() takes a tuple of names of template tags to parse until. Itreturns an instance of django.template.NodeList, which is a list of allNode objects that the parser encountered before it encountered any ofthe tags named in the tuple.

To ease the creation of these types of tags, Django provides a helper function,simple_tag. This function, which is a method of django.template.Library,takes a function that accepts one argument, wraps it in a render functionand the other necessary bits mentioned previously, and registers it with thetemplate system.

To solve this problem, you need to use the manual configuration option describedfully in Appendix D. In a nutshell, you need to import the appropriate pieces ofthe template system and then, before you call any of the template functions,call django.conf.settings.configure() with any settings you wish to specify.

djangorestframework-camel-case provides camel case JSON renderers and parsers for REST framework. This allows serializers to use Python-style underscored field names, but be exposed in the API as Javascript-style camel case field names. It is maintained by Vitaly Babiy.

We can configure periodic tasks either by manually adding the configurations to the module or using the django-celery-beat package which allows us to add periodic tasks from the Django Admin by extending the Admin functionality to allow scheduling tasks.

This extension enables the user to store periodic tasks in a Django database and manage the tasks using the Django Admin interface. Use the following steps to install django-celery-beat in the simpletask project.


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