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Service quality validation allows operators to evaluate networking devices and proactively measure their QoS and policy management functions. Service-quality validation of wireless networks requires saturating the network with a high load of real-world subscriber traffic through mobile subscriber modeling and by measuring KPIs that identify QoE. The fundamental strategy is to test the mobile data network with the traffic types and traffic mixes that most closely resemble the real services that operators will deploy. Service quality and policy/QoS schemes are only stressed when a network encounters congestion. The test approach should involve fully loading the device or system under test (DUT/SUT). After a network is fully loaded with a broad mix of real traffic services, detailed QoE measurements are made to quantify network performance. Comprehensive service quality validation arms network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and operators with a solid method to quickly evaluate the quality and performance of devices and networks.

FULL Nextel Motorola IDEN RSS Carrier 20 And Depot 20




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