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Wolves Download Movie Free __TOP__

Join the Paradox and World of Darkness families to download our free Vampire: The Masquerade Companion, get up-to-date coverage on new World of Darkness projects, as well as news and updates on other Paradox games!

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"Brotherhood of the Wolf" is a slickly made film--with a large budget and lots of gorgeous costumes and camera-work. It discusses a strange and relatively unknown bit of mythology of the period--about a supposed monster that killed a lot of folks in Gévaudan, France. It seems that while some folks did die, what, exactly killed them is not 100% certain--though it was most likely the work of wolves. Here, a cryptozoological approach to the killings is entertained--that there is some fanciful creature (like a Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster) killing people. Now this sort of fantasy story is not a bad thing--but how it's all handled irritated me in so many ways. While superficially the film appeared to be from this era (circa 1764), so much of it is hogwash--anachronistic crap that teenagers might think is cool but which have absolutely no place in a period piece. Here are a few examples: Martial arts fights like you might see in Japan or China, crazy special effects, witches and lots of gratuitous nudity. It seems more like a video game's version of history than history! While I don't normally do this, I found the film so annoyingly self-aware and slick that I got tired of it very quickly and eventually turned the thing off--right after the cliché about the wisdom of native religions and the evilness of Christianity was introduced. Give me a break. Dumb and a bit offensive--just what I want in a movie! Not!By the way, this film reminded me in some ways of the recent film "Sleepy Hollow" which also was very anachronistic, slick and vacuous.


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