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Ornatrix 2.0 1

In ornatrix all the relationships between objects (hair and external objects), as well as actual strands are governed by constraints. Constraints make strands stick together, and the prevent then from going into objects. A special solver has to be used to solve all of these constraints in one go. When the world is complex the number of constraints can grow exponentially and when the time comes to solve them there might simply not be enough memory to hold them. Fortunately you can control the amount of memory allocated by Ornatrix so that any complex scene is solved, but it is up to you to decide these parameters.

Ornatrix 2.0 1

i've had ornatrix for years but have never been able to get the dynamics to work "have you installed the phys engine?" error msg after I installed it many times. Now it just crashes max 2013. It seems like it would be a great product if it worked.


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