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Download STAIRS SCALE (escaleras Escala) Pdf !NEW!

The prototype staircase was analyzed using the above equationsto deter-mine the redundants. The stairs were designed for a liveload of 40 lb per sq ft.The design load was low as tests were to becarried out on a half-scale modelof the stairs and it was necessaryto keep the ultimate load within reasonablebounds. With the deadloads included, the total design loading along the flightswas 597lb per ft (w), and 528 lb per ft (W) along the landing.

Download STAIRS SCALE (escaleras escala) pdf


Se describen 10s ensayes de carga hasta la rotura de un modelo aescala deun medio de una escalera de losa simktrica de concretereforzado y de apoyolibre. Los m&odos de anPlisis se comparan ala luz de 10s resultados experi-mentales haciendose recomendacionesgenerales de diseiio. 041b061a72


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