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Vista Transformation Pack! Setup [Extra Quality] Free

WindowsVista Transformation Pack is one of the best Vista Free Boosters available. Windows XP users already have something else to cheer up: Windows Vista Transformation Pack 8 is free now and has been available for a long time! And guess what? You too can turn your Windows XP desktop or laptop into a clone of Windows Vista with just this transformation package.

Vista Transformation Pack! setup free


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Windows XP users have something really great to cheer about: Windows Vista Transformation Pack 8 has been released and is completely free! Yes, you can turn your boring Windows XP interface into an exact replica of Windows Vista using this transformation pack. The pack has fixed many bug and issues with the GUI interface that were in the previous version.

Other cool features include the ability to save setup information and configuration for later use with unattended transformations. Also, True Transparency 0.8.5 (the glass border with Aero Style skin) and WinFlip (Vista 3DFlip) has been added to this release.The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this shell extension software.

There are several downloads that can help you achieve the Aero look on XP. Some packages, such as Vista Transformation Pack 4.0, are free downloads put together by dedicated users, but you can also buy programs created by established software developers, such as Stardock's WindowBlinds, if you want a polished package with support.

The transparencies worked, but we found the see-through quality extended throughout the entire window body instead of just around the frames. Reading a Web page can be difficult if you can see text from the window below mixing with text in the active Web browser. Increasing opacity levels helped make window contents more readable but sort of defeats the purpose of installing the transformation pack in the first place.

VTP is freeware program that "re-skins" various elements of Windows, such as: Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, icons, the log-on and log-off screen. Vista Transformation Pack also improves upon various features, including: window transparency and a new sidebar. In the end, this transformation pack rivals what commercial products like StarDock's WindowsBlinds can do, except it's completely free!

Because this project is constantly under development and the nature of this program is to modify the Windows GUI (graphical user interface), there is no guarantee that it is 100% bug free. It is therefore recommended that you backup Windows before applying the transformation patch. As with all software (freeware especially) there are *no* guarantees!

Vista looks pretty cool eh, you might have even considered buying it until you saw the price tag, or maybe you just didn't want to get it because all of the bugs, but either way theres no need to fear because free vista is here! This is not actually windows vista but its pretty close. It's a theming pack called Vista Transformation Pack 7. It basically gives your old XP or 2000 a digital makeover, and we're going to find out how to use it.

To make this look like vista we're going to need 2 programs:1. Vista Tansformation Pack 72. Fast AeroWhat is Vista Transformation Pack 7?Vista transformation pack 7 is a theming program that themes your os to vista by changing things like your boot screen your taskbar your wallpaper your screen savers ect.What is Fast Aero?Ya know the nice transparent windows that vista has? This program allows you to have them without dishing out 20 bucks for windowblinds.Lets Continue

Once restarted click on the vista transformation pack 7 file and open it. An error message will pop up saying get windowblinds. you don't need it so just press okNow a screen will say that this is free software and not to be sold.Now, lets get to installingBox 1. It basically says read everything carefully or you could (although it's highly unlikely) brick your computer. Press next.

Box 8. This step asks you if you want to apply vista ui transformation into system or integrate vista transformation pack into system files. choose which one best suits your needs and press next, but if your unsure on what to do select the ui transformation because if you select integrate it into the setup files you can't revert your system files back to the original ones.

i downloaded SP3 and it killed this, vistart and viorb still work, but nothing else does. i just got finished reformatting my computer and reinstalling all the drivers so i'm kinda tired of this kind of stuff for now so is there a simple way to just make this all go away? will uninstalling the transformation pack remove every part of it, or will there still be residual effects?

well, think about this; XP has a maximum installation size of about six and a half gigabytes. less system files, means faster fetch time. the faster the system can retrieve the files, the faster the OS. vista has a minimum installation size of fifteen gigabytes, well over twice the size of XP. this means that there are more files for the system to retrieve, slowly but surly hogging all the resources it can get it's hands on. give vista 2-3 years, and it will be a good OS. this is just like when XP first came out. everyone wanted to stick to their 2k, ME, NT, (and god forbid) 98 SE. xp has grown to be the OS we all know, (and hopefully) love, because we gave it time to improve. and it did. sure, it took hundreds of megabytes of updates, and service packs that eventually replaced almost every file in XP itself. but it was worth it, wasn't it?

Windows 8 Transformation Pack is a free software to get Windows 8 UI on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server. This transformation pack basically transforms your default Windows version UI to Windows 8 UI that includes a Charms bar or Metro UI as in Windows 8.

This transformation pack is suitable for Windows Vista, XP and server. If you are using a Windows 7 PC, then I would suggest you to use Windows 8 UX Pack reviewed by us, as it is specially designed for Windows 7, and gives a better experience.

If you are a Window XP user but loves the Vista looks, then you can transform XP into Vista with Vista Inspirat. BricoPack Vista Inspirat is a free pack which modifies Windows XP system files in order to change its appearance and make it look like Windows Vista. BricoPack is the best and easy way to change quickly and easily your Windows icons, logon and visual style.

The advantage of using Vista Inspirat is that this does not take up too much system memory. Unlike complete transformation packs, Vista Inspirat does not give you transparency effects or Flip 3D, but it can give you Vista looks, icons, visual style, cursors and all these with minimum load on your RAM. The install/uninstall process of Vista Inspirat is also very much simple.

@Pavan,You cannot expect to get Vista looks by not even taking up little RAM. If you have a 512 MB RAM on windows XP, then Vista transformation pack and Vista Insiprat packs works smoothly. This is my experience on my desktop.

Since Windows released, the vista is become a popular theme with aero features but unfortunately windows vista require big hardware specification. If you are use windows XP you can use vista transformation pack to make your windows XP desktop look like windows vista.

Vista transformation pack is free software to modify appearance of Windows XP and make it look like Windows Vista. The latest version Vista transformation pack software is Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1. On the latest version can make Windows XP like real Vista and contains lot of fixes and it will solve incompatibilities with Windows XP Service Pack 3, stability issues in installation and some fixes in the system and some 3rd-party applications.

We had shared Windows 7 Theme and Windows 7 Transformation Pack for XP earlier on this blog, for achieving something similar on Windows Vista we now have Windows 7 Transformation Pack For Vista, the transformation pack includes Windows 7 Theme, Logon UI, Windows Media Player 12 for Vista, New Sound Schemes, Wallpaper and User Pictures.

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