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Watch 711-S04-E09-TBBT

When the show started airing in early June, Marks enjoyed his newfound celebrity, holding watch parties with his college friends and making announcements on his Facebook page about upcoming episodes. But as the finale approached in September, something inside him shifted. Always so self-possessed and imperturbable, he began suffering from panic attacks.

Watch 711-S04-E09-TBBT

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Arriving home with his mother another night, Marks burst out of her car and started screaming. His mother watched, terrified, as he took off running. Not sure what else to do, she called 911. When officers approached Marks, he calmly lay down on the sidewalk. A police van took him to St. Bernard Hospital, where he underwent yet another examination. Once again, he was sent home with a handful of prescriptions and a mother scrambling to figure out what to do in the long term.

Just watched this series in 2021 and wanted to see what Josh was up to now and I can across this article and I am saddened. My heart breaks. I was rooting for a good representative, a rolemodel, mentor to the many young black men that are struggling with finding, and chasing their dream, let alone to compete in a predominantly dominated white world. I was eager to see a black man be the newwinner and change the game. I am deeply saddened to see this news and I pray for peace and comfort to his family.

We have just finished watching this series. Josh was our favourite to win from the start. We are always so excited to Google contestants at the end and see what fantastic things they have accomplished. This was such a sad shock and we cried for a man we never met but felt like we knew.

The family sits on the couch. Homer clicks on the remote control and sends the family to the Stone Age, clicks it again to send them to the Roman Empire, where they watch a gladiator match, and clicks it a final time to return them to the present.

Thanks for this guide. I'm re watching and introducing the series to my 13 year old daughter. We'reup to Eye of Jupiter and I was worried about where to slot in The Plan so this helps immensely. Thanks! Also it's awesome that people are still enjoying the show. So say we all!

Hi Johnny, I found your viewing order more than a year ago and have been planning to watch BSG for quite some time, but haven't done anything more than plan to do it.Now that I have Netflix (they got to Brazil last year), I started to watch and now am on Season 2. I had to stop because the Netflix version did not have the Pegasus extended, and I would not watch it in any other form (see how seriously I'm taking your advice), so I borrowed from the only friend I know to have the DVD. I plan to watch it tonight.Maybe it's because the series never aired in Brazil, but the show is mostly unknown around here. Only recently, because The Big Bang Theory mentions it from time to time (even with cameo appearances), some people know about it, but much more as a geek thing than the high quality production and dramatic story that it is. Just yesterday, when they named the Blackbird as Laura, I had tears coming to my eyes... No kidding!Well, tonight I'll finally watch Pegasus in the ideal format, and will continue to follow your advice (including the mute/unmute anti-spoiler trick).Thanks a lot for your efforts! The proof that your contribution is so valuable is that even 3 years after your original post, there's still people from all around the world following it and enjoying the series much more because of you!Thank you!Rick

Firstly, thank you very much for this. Thus far (I'm just starting Season 4) this list has been invaluable to have the best BSG experience. Especially the placement of Razor, and going back to hear what was said later on feels like a fantastic revelation.A question, if I may? Which version of the Caprica pilot should I watch? You've said to watch the extended version of every episode thus far, but I've heard there are actually contradictions in the extended version?Again, thanks. A great list that compliments a great series.

Thank you so much for this list--it should be an insert in the blu ray collection! I just watched the whole thing (except Caprica) in about one month, for the first time. I am very glad I watched the movies and the webisodes in the recommended spots (and glad I muted those two scenes in Razor). I can't believe I missed this amazing series when it aired!

Just want to say that this post is just amazing, and to tha k you for taking the time to put it up. I have the blu-ray boxed set, and started following the order you suggest as soon as I started watching it. Mits been great, including the Li is you give to the wiki summaries for each episode, which itself links to the podcast. Halfway through now, following your advice all the way through, and it's really been great. Thank you.

Hey there guys!Hope you read this soon after posting this, I need your help.After 4 years, I finally manage to convince my family to watch the show, and we're soon watching Razor after 2x17 (they're kinda spiritualistic, but I wanted to watch them without telling them a single word without the story and the religious, philosophycal parts of the show; basically just told them it's something special you never seen before).We're currently at 2x12, and so far, in the show, no Hybrids were introduced... can you tell me which would be the first episode for them to appear on the show (excluding the movies)? Do they appear before 2x17 anywhere, so people have an idea about them, or they'll encounter them during Razor first, if we are to watch it after 2x17 and not later?Hope it's understandable, sorry for my english! Thank you for your replies!

Hey Johnny. I'm just getting stuck into Battlestar Galactica for the first time (I can't believe I've never watched it before) and really love this guide. I'm going to follow it as I watch the episodes. Just on Season one now so looking forward to getting thru it all. Cheers dude -

Just wanted to hop on here and say thanks so much for this guide. It's the best guide on the net for watching BSG in the best possible order. I have recently been rewatching the series for my gf's first time viewing it, and it's so much better watching it with the movies where you recommended them. Thank you so much!

I watched through the series as it aired, but never watched more than a couple Caprica episodes and haven't seen B&C yet. There are also some extended episodes only on the BluRay that I haven't seen. If I do a full chronology rewatch, a good order would be Caprica, then B&C, then the full BSG series with the extended ones, right?

I'd say that you should watch BSG first, else you won't get much of the reference In Caprica related to the show and its theme. Also, as new to the universe, many things during the last episodes of Caprica will have little meanings to you, unless you watch BSG '04 first. So I'd go with BSG, Caprica, B&C

So, Razor again.Friends and I are watching the series in your suggested order. I'm looking at Razor with respect to the possible spoilers. I think what makes most sense is to mute (or omit) Shaw's discussion with the hybrid after Starbuck leaves, or at least the spoilers, but leave in her communication to Lee. It's like this: the communication with Lee is something that we, as "members" of the BSG "crew", would have known. The discussion with the hybrid was only between the hybrid and Shaw, so one can rationalize that we would never really know what happened.So I plan to show up to about 1:29:50, then skip to about 1:33:10 when the evac raptor leaves, show the whole scene on the BSG bridge, then skip the next scene with Shaw and the hybrid, and then show the rest of the episode. After season 3, show all of the last several minutes, from 1:29:50 on.Crazy?

I gladly found this guide just before starting to watch BSG and it was very helpful. But i got a problem. Here in my country (Argentina) i cant get the extended Razor nowhere. In the 81 min version, your advice is the same, skip or mute the last 10 min?

Me again, of the posts from back in late April about how to cut the spoilers.My friends and I finally watched this tonight. I'm absolutely convinced that the best way to view this would be to re-edit the show to cut the following sections:1:29:50 to 1:33:09--just after Shaw forces Starbuck into the airlock, to the point where the evac raptor is leaving the Cylon ship;1:33:24 to 1:34:43-- between when Lee says "Starbuck?" and Shaw begins to speak over the radio, to the exterior shot of the Cylon ship exploding (you can still hear the click of the detonator switch)How to make these edits is an exercise left to the reader. All viewers agreed that this would minimally disturb the story, while concealing any spoilers. Everyone seemed to get why Shaw did what she did, without actually seeing the footage at 1:31:15 through 1:32:00; there were enough clues from earlier in the episodeAnyway, that's what worked for us.

How badly would season 4 be messed up for me, if I were to watch Razor without doing the muting business?Also, this, -fanedit-listings/fanfix/918-battlestar-galactica-that-sought-after-sun, is a fan-made alternate version of the series 4 finale that has been highly recommended in-place of the original.

I own the DVD set, and for the life of me I can't reconcile your guide with the DVD that has Daybreak on it. On the first screen, it shows:11. Daybreak, Part 112. Daybreak, parts 2 & 3If I click on "More >", I see:13. Daybreak - unaired extended episodeIs the extended episode an extension of all 3 parts taken together, or is it just of parts 2 and 3? It has been a long time since I watched it. I've tried skimming through the episodes, and I still can't tell - I just end up confusing myself even more. I'm in the process of converting all of the ISOs of my DVDs to M4Vs with handbrake. (Also incorporating deleted scenes into the picture so that next time I watch this show - which I definitely will, probably with my kids when they're old enough - alphabetical order will take care of our entire viewing experience.)My apologies if this question has been answered, but the quantity of comments here is overwhelming. 041b061a72


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