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Project Nevada Hud Extensions

Project Nevada HUD Extensions: A Guide for Fallout: New Vegas Players

If you are a fan of Fallout: New Vegas, you might have heard of Project Nevada, one of the most popular mods out there for the game. Project Nevada adds many new features and enhancements to the game, such as sprinting, bullet time, cyberware implants, vision modes, and more. But did you know that you can also customize and tweak these features to your liking? That's where Project Nevada HUD Extensions comes in.

Project Nevada Hud Extensions


Project Nevada HUD Extensions is a mod that adds access to some of the 'behind the scenes' variables in Project Nevada. These variables control things such as how much energy the vision modes consume and how quickly action points will regenerate while using implants. You can also adjust the size, position, and transparency of the HUD elements, such as the crosshair, health bar, compass, and more. You can even enable or disable certain features altogether, such as the dynamic crosshair or the stealth boy effect display.

To use Project Nevada HUD Extensions, you need to have Project Nevada installed first. You can download it from [Nexus Mods]. Then, you need to download and install Project Nevada HUD Extensions from the same site. You can use a mod manager like FOMM or NMM to install it, or you can do it manually by extracting the contents of the downloaded archive file to your Data folder. If you are using any mod that modifies the interface, such as Darn UI or MTUI, you need to copy the contents of the corresponding folder in Data/optional/ to your Data folder as well.

Once you have installed Project Nevada HUD Extensions, you can access its options from the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) in-game. You can find it under the Project Nevada category. There are four subcategories: Core, Cyberware, Equipment, and Rebalance. Each subcategory has its own set of options that you can tweak to your preference. For example, in the Core subcategory, you can change the energy consumption and recharge rate of the vision modes, such as night vision or thermal vision. You can also change the color and intensity of these modes. In the Cyberware subcategory, you can change the action point regeneration rate and cost of using implants, such as sprinting or bullet time. You can also enable or disable certain implants altogether.

Project Nevada HUD Extensions also allows you to use presets to quickly set all the options in one click. There are four presets available: Default, Hardcore, Realistic, and Custom. The Default preset is the same as Project Nevada's default settings. The Hardcore preset makes everything more challenging and immersive by increasing energy consumption and reducing action point regeneration. The Realistic preset makes everything more realistic and balanced by adjusting energy consumption and action point regeneration according to real-world physics and biology. The Custom preset allows you to save your own settings and load them anytime.

If you want to customize the HUD elements themselves, you can use Project Nevada HUD Extensions' HUD Customizer feature. You can access it by pressing F12 in-game (you can change this key in MCM). This will bring up a menu where you can select any HUD element and move it around with your mouse. You can also resize it by holding Shift and scrolling your mouse wheel. You can also change its transparency by holding Ctrl and scrolling your mouse wheel. You can also toggle any HUD element on or off by pressing Spacebar while selecting it.

Project Nevada HUD Extensions is a great mod for Fallout: New Vegas players who want to have more control over their game experience. It allows you to customize and tweak Project Nevada's features and HUD elements to suit your playstyle and preferences. Whether you want a more challenging, realistic, or immersive game, Project Nevada HUD Extensions has something for you.


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