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[PC Game] Borderlands 3 (CODEX)

2021.04.10: Update for v1.0.16 game version.Expand2021.01.22: Update for v1.0.15 game version.2020.11.26: Update for v1.0.14 game version; Added "Enemy Drop Item Level Set To Player Level" and "Damage Multiplier (Enemies To Player)" options.2020.06.28: Update for v1.0.10 game version.2020.04.24: Update for v1.0.8 game version.2020.03.26: Update for v1.0.7 game version.2020.03.13: Update for Steam version; Changed "Infinite Inventory Size" to "Edit Inventory Size" option and limit max 200 slots for inventory because having too many items in inventory will lag/freeze the game when accessing inventory.2020.02.14: Update for v1.0.6 game version.2019.12.12: Update for v1.0.5 game version.2019.11.21: Update for v1.0.4 game version.2019.11.01: Added "Open Golden Chest Without Golden Keys" option, if you're unable to redeem shift code in order to use "Edit Golden Key" option. You can use this option instead.2019.10.24: Update for v1.0.3 game version.2019.10.04: Update for v1.0.2 game version; The game finally has a proper guardian level limit (850 is the official max level) that doesn't freeze the game itself, so I removed the guardian level limit on trainer.2019.09.29: 1. Added "Stealth Mode" options.2. Fixed an issue where the guardian level limit does not reset the level if it goes above 750 in v1.0.1 game version.2019.09.26: Update for v1.0.1 game version.2019.09.23:1. Added "Infinite Inventory Size", "Max Drop Rate", "High Legendary Drop Rate" Options.2. Increase the guardian level limit when using exp options to level 750. The limit will go away if you close the trainer, but be sure don't go above guardian level 850, otherwise your guardian exp will overflow and become negative.2019.09.16:1. Added "Edit Guardian Tokens" option.2. Fixed problem where "Infinite Exp" will reset your guardian level to 1 if you got too many exp. You can fix this problem if you already encountered by using the new version "Infinite Exp".

[PC Game] Borderlands 3 (CODEX)

Looking forward for the Borderlands 2 trainer update, since there was a major game update and we decided to play it again and purchased it on steam, we found out that most of the features no longer work or work with problems and bugs, since there is no contact form with fling himself I'm writing here

This is a bit of an odd case but it could be possible solution for some of you. So our chief editor, Super Daddy, runs the game at 144Hz and lets the FPS cap at that number. I on the other hand game on a 60Hz display so I cap my FPS at 60.

In the Visual settings under the Advanced tab, you have the option of choosing between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 in the Graphics API option. Be sure to use DirectX 11 as DirectX 12 is rather unstable. Not only is it in beta, the game even warns you of potential issues that can be faced when using DirectX 12. For now, best to stay away from it.

This is more of a last ditch effort than anything else. On your Epic Games Launcher under the Library tab, click the gear icon on Borderlands 3. There will be a dropdown menu, with Verify being the first option. Click on that and it will verify all the game files to ensure that nothing is wrong. It will be download any missing / corrupted data. Alternatively, you can always reinstall the game and see if that works instead.

Warez groups are teams of individuals who have participated in the organized unauthorized publication of films, music, or other media, as well as those who can reverse engineer and crack the digital rights management (DRM) measures applied to commercial software. This is a list of groups, both web-based and warez scene groups, which have attained notoriety outside of their respective communities. A plurality of warez groups operate within the so-called warez scene, though as of 2019 a large amount of software and game warez is now distributed first via the web. Leaks of releases from warez groups operating within the "scene" still constitute a large amount of warez shared globally. Between 2003 and 2009 there were 3,164 active groups within the warez scene, with the majority of these groups being active for no more than two months and with only a small fraction being active for many years.[1] The warez scene is a very competitive and volatile environment, largely a symptom of participation in its community being illegal in most countries. Groups are generally not driven by profit, but by reputation.[2]

3DM is a Chinese video game cracking group. Their founder and leader is reported to be Su Feifei, more commonly known by the pseudonym "不死鸟" (pinyin: bù sǐ niǎo; meaning in English: Phoenix). Little else is known about Su, other than that her year of birth is speculated to be 1979. Unusual for piracy groups, 3DM's members have public profiles on the social network Sina Weibo, and use a blog to inform the public about their activities. Some members of 3DM have previously been part of NETSHOW (now known as ALI213), a group which released Chinese language copies of games using stolen cracks directly to warez scene FTP sites.

3DM were one of the first peer to peer file sharing groups to offer cracks for games which utilized DRM produced by Denuvo. As newer versions of Denuvo DRM became more challenging to reverse engineer, 3DM gave up trying to crack games with Denuvo DRM.

In 2016 the group claimed that piracy of games produced by large developers and publishers would be impossible in the coming years, due to the technological challenges of reverse engineering and ultimately cracking the virtualization and licensing schemes employed by new DRM solutions like Denuvo. One of the most notable groups on the web at the time, they publicly announced a year hiatus from developing cracks for games. Since returning in 2017, 3DM have only released games which use Steam licensing, only releasing copies of better protected games which include cracks made by other groups. This practice has been criticized by the groups whose cracks were included in releases under the 3DM name.[3]

CONSPIR4CY (releasing mostly as CPY) is a warez group founded in 1999 in Italy. They rose in notoriety after releasing Rise of the Tomb Raider and Inside in August 2016 under the name of CONSPIR4CY,[4] though they resumed using the 'CPY' tag shortly thereafter with the release of their cracked copy of Doom in September 2016.[5] They became the first group to create proper cracks for games protected by the third iteration of Denuvo DRM software.

They cracked Resident Evil 7: Biohazard only five days after its release, at the time the shortest amount of time taken to develop a crack for a Denuvo DRM-protected game.[6] They also cracked Mass Effect: Andromeda,[7] only ten days after its release. In July 2017 the warez group SKIDROW criticized the methods used by CONSPIR4CY to crack games using Denuvo DRM.[8] In early 2018, CPY released cracked copies of Assassin's Creed Origins and Far Cry 5, which were compiled with the most recent version of Denuvo DRM, and had additional anti-modification and anti-debugging features through the use of VMProtect software and EasyAntiCheat. In November 2018 CPY released cracks for HITMAN 2, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, A Way Out, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, FIFA 19 - all of which featured the latest version of Denuvo DRM, with some using additional custom DRM or off the shelf DRM such as EACore and VMProtect. In December 2018, CPY published a cracked copy of Just Cause 4, which used the latest version of Denuvo DRM, on the day after its release. They also released a crack for Battlefield V on December 22, days after its official release. In January 2019, CPY released cracked copies of Ace Combat 7, Mutant Year Zero, and Strange Brigade, as well as the first episode of Life Is Strange 2 (titled "Roads") - all 4 titles using the latest versions of Denuvo DRM.

In February 2019, CPY released Metro Exodus, which used the latest version of Denuvo DRM available, within 5 days of its release, as well as the second episode of Life Is Strange 2, titled "Rules". In September 2019, CPY published a cracked copy of the game Octopath Traveler, 93 days after its release. In November 2019, CPY released a cracked copy of Heavy Rain which featured the latest version of Denuvo DRM.[9] After a long hiatus, CPY became active again in October 2020, releasing cracked copies of eFootball PES 2021, A Total War Saga: Troy, Mafia: Definitive Edition and Death Stranding in a single day, all of which featured the latest version of Denuvo DRM. On October 18, CPY released Marvel's Avengers, followed by Crysis Remastered on October 21, which both used Denuvo DRM.

Hoodlum (also known as HLM) mainly focused on cracking games which utilized digital rights management solutions offered by Safedisc and Securom. They were targeted as part of the Operation Site Down raids in 2005.[16][17] In July 2018, some group using the HOODLUM name resumed releasing unauthorized copies of games.[18]

PARADOX (also known as PDX and sometimes PARADiSO) was founded in 1989, mainly cracking games for the Amiga. They went on to crack software for the Windows operating system and other consoles. They were one of the earliest groups to successfully crack Windows Vista, which was supposed to be a difficult task based on changes Microsoft had made to the activation scheme for the software.

PARADOX attracted attention from 2011 to 2012, as they published files for playing unauthorized copies of games on the Sony PlayStation 3.[19] These copies required the use of a commercially-available USB dongle, which has been criticized as a form of commercial copyright infringement, and described as a "ReDRM" dongle because copies of game binaries were essentially decrypted using Sony's official keys, and then re-encrypted using the keys stored on the dongle, requiring the use of the dongle to bypass the DRM which had been added back to the games.[20] It is unclear whether groups like PARADOX had any affiliation with the creators and distributors of so-called "ReDRM" dongles, including potentially having profited from the release of these dongles by drumming up demand by releasing copies of games which only worked when used with the dongle.


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