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How to Learn English with Linguaphone: A Review of the Free Download Course

How to Learn English with Linguaphone: A Review of the Free Download Course

Linguaphone is a well-known company that offers various courses for learning different languages. One of their products is the Linguaphone English Course, which was originally released as a series of vinyl records in the 1960s. The course consists of 50 lessons that cover the basics of English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation. The course also includes a trial lesson and a sounds record that help learners practice their listening and speaking skills.

The good news is that you can download the Linguaphone English Course for free from the Internet Archive[^1^], a website that preserves digital copies of various media. The course is available as audio files that you can listen to online or offline. You can also find a PDF file that contains the text of the lessons and some exercises. However, the PDF file is not very clear and some pages are missing.

Linguaphone English Course Free Download 509

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So, is the Linguaphone English Course worth downloading? Here are some pros and cons of using this course to learn English:


  • The course is free and easy to access. You just need to visit the Internet Archive website and click on the download button.

  • The course covers a lot of topics and situations that are useful for everyday communication. You will learn how to introduce yourself, ask for directions, order food, make phone calls, and more.

  • The course uses authentic British English speakers who have clear and natural pronunciation. You will also hear some American English speakers in some lessons.

  • The course provides a lot of repetition and practice. You will hear each sentence or dialogue several times and you will be asked to repeat after the speakers. You will also have some exercises to check your understanding and memory.


  • The course is very old and outdated. Some of the words, phrases, and expressions are no longer used or have different meanings today. For example, you will hear words like "gramophone", "telegram", and "shilling". You will also hear some sexist or racist remarks that are not acceptable in modern society.

  • The course is very boring and monotonous. The lessons are mostly composed of lists of words or sentences that are read aloud by the speakers. There is no interaction or dialogue between the speakers or with the learners. There is no music or sound effects to make the lessons more engaging.

  • The course is very difficult and fast-paced. The speakers speak very quickly and do not explain any grammar rules or vocabulary meanings. You are expected to follow along and memorize everything by repetition. There is no feedback or correction if you make mistakes.

  • The course is incomplete and unclear. The PDF file that accompanies the audio files is not well-formatted and has some missing pages. Some of the exercises do not have answers or instructions. Some of the audio files are corrupted or have poor quality.


The Linguaphone English Course is a free resource that you can use to learn some basic English skills. However, it is not a very effective or enjoyable way to learn English. The course is outdated, boring, difficult, and incomplete. You might be better off using other online courses or apps that are more modern, interactive, fun, easy, and comprehensive. 0efd9a6b88


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