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Dojo Cuts - Take From Me (2012)

Dojo Cuts - Take From Me (2012)

Dojo Cuts is a soul and funk band from Sydney, Australia, that features the vocals of Roxie Ray. The band was formed in 2008 and released their debut album, Dojo Cuts Featuring Roxie Ray, in 2009. The album was well received by critics and fans of the genre, and the band toured extensively in Australia and Europe. In 2012, Dojo Cuts released their second album, Take From Me, which showcased their growth and maturity as a musical outfit. The album was praised for its authentic and soulful sound, as well as for its diverse and catchy songs.


Take From Me consists of 12 tracks that range from upbeat and funky to mellow and smooth. The album opens with El Entro, a short instrumental intro that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The second track, I Can Give, is a mid-tempo soul number that features Roxie Ray's powerful and expressive vocals. The song is about offering love and support to someone who is going through a hard time. The third track, Easy To Come Home, is the first single from the album and one of the highlights. It is a catchy and uplifting song that celebrates the joy of coming home to someone you love. The song has a retro feel, with horns, organ, and guitar creating a warm and groovy backdrop for Roxie Ray's sweet and soulful voice.

The fourth track, Mamacita, is a Latin-flavored funk tune that showcases the band's versatility and musicality. The song features a catchy chorus, a funky bass line, and a spicy trumpet solo. The fifth track, Lift Me Up, is a slow and sensual ballad that showcases Roxie Ray's vocal range and emotion. The song is about longing for someone to lift you up when you are feeling low. The sixth track, Sonny's Strut, is an instrumental track that pays homage to the legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins. The song features a saxophone solo by Nathan Aust, who plays with passion and skill. The song also features some impressive drumming by Carlos Adura.

The seventh track, My Lovin' Is All About You, is another upbeat and catchy soul song that features some harmonies by Roxie Ray and the backing singers. The song is about expressing your love and devotion to someone special. The eighth track, In This Moment, is a tender and romantic ballad that features some piano and strings. The song is about cherishing the moment with your lover and not worrying about the future. The ninth track, Sometimes It Hurts, is a bluesy and soulful song that features some guitar solos by Nathan Gatt. The song is about dealing with the pain of love and betrayal.

The tenth track, I'd Rather Go Blind, is a cover of the classic song by Etta James. Roxie Ray delivers a stunning performance of this song, showing her respect and admiration for the original singer. The song is about preferring to go blind than to see your lover with someone else. The eleventh track, Take From Me, is the title track of the album and one of the most emotional songs on the album. It is a duet between Roxie Ray and Nathan Gatt, who plays acoustic guitar on this track. The song is about giving everything you have to someone who doesn't appreciate it or reciprocate it. The song has a raw and intimate feel, as if the singers are pouring their hearts out to each other.

The twelfth and final track, What Do I Have To Do, is a cover of the song by Marva Whitney and James Brown. It is a funky and energetic song that features some horns, organ, and percussion. The song is about demanding respect and attention from your lover. Roxie Ray sings with sass and attitude on this track, showing her influence by the Godfather of Soul.

Take From Me is an album that showcases Dojo Cuts' talent and passion for soul and funk music. It is an album that pays tribute to the past while also creating something fresh and original. It is an album that will appeal to fans of classic soul as well as modern funk lovers. It is an album that will make you want to dance, sing along, or just sit back and enjoy.

If you want to listen to Take From Me by Dojo Cuts feat. Roxie Ray, you can find it on Spotify, Bandcamp, or Discogs. You can also read more about the album and the band on Genius.


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