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[S2E8] House Of Who House Of Frauds ((HOT))

The Richards did not consult a lawyer prior to working with the show or builder because they believed they had solid reputations and a close friend who had previously been on Tiny House Nation had a positive experience on the show. The Richards, who are currently living with family in California, recently set up a GoFundMe page to hire a lawyer to track down the house and builder.

[S2E8] House of Who House of Frauds

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Nina and Fabian go to the old lady, Sarah. Sarah asks if Nina has found the treasure, and Nina asks where it is. Sarah tells Nina, "You must not let him find it!" Nina tells her it is all right. Sarah freaks out when she sees Fabian in the room and doesn't want him to see the locket. Nina calms her down again. Sarah then says that the blackbird is watching the house and that Nina has to be careful.

Back at school. Nina is reading a book that has a section on hieroglyphics. Fabian says the girl in Nina's locket as the same pretty eyes as Nina. Nina denies that and informs Fabian that they know nothing about the girl, the treasure, Sarah's connection to the house, or Sarah's name. Nina concludes that Sarah must have lived or visited Anubis House before. Nina wonders if the girl in the picture was Sarah, and Fabian wonders if the black bird is Corbierre.

Choice: Mia has to decide where to go, and you are given the apparent options to ask the driver to bring her to: the university dorm's address, Max's address, Victor's address and the wolfpack house. If you choose anything but Max's address, however, the driver will say that it is too far away and he won't do it, so Max's house is actually the only place where Mia can go.

Path of Diplomacy ?️: Mia approaches the house carefully and looks through a window. She sees the employee arguing with his wife. She waits for him to walk out. She approaches him and asks politely for help, offering money in exchange.

WallyGeneralNickname(s)Baby Clown (By Raven) Pony Eyes (By Nia)GenderMaleResides inChicago, IllinoisOccupationStudentAppearanceEye colorDark BrownHair colorBrownRelationshipsFamilyDiane (mother) Unnamed fatherRomancesNia Baxter (Crush on her side; unreciprocated) Tess O'Malley (Crush on her side; unreciprocated)FriendsBooker Baxter (good friend) Levi Grayson (good friend) Tess O'Malley Nia BaxterProductionSeason (s)1Appears inFears of a ClownPortrayed byTristan DeVanWally was a new resident of 352 Hauser Avenue, along with his accountant father and mother, Diane. Wally decides to explore the grounds of his new building, and is drawn towards the garbage collection area. There he discovers, among the rest of the refuse within the trash dumpster, what appears to be a giant replica of the right hand of a gorilla, His mind filling with images of his newfound find serving as the basis of an awesome catapult, Wally rescues the object from the bin and learns that while certainly unwieldy, his hairy discovery was surprisingly lightweight. Climbing onto the nearby fire escape, Wally headed upward to the roof dragging his furry newfound prize behind him. Upon reaching his destination, the tiring Wally overheard voices emanating from the rooftop. Pushing the hand on top of the ledge, Wally called out for a little help. By the time Wally stepped onto the rooftop, two other boys, Levi and his friend, Booker, had hauled the gorilla hand on the roof. After the three boys introduced themselves, and Wally revealed where the gorilla hand came from, he asked if they wanted to help him fashion a catapult out of the gorilla hand and Booker eagerly agrees. Sometime later, after tying the hairy gorilla hand to a lounge chair with various bungee cords, the makeshift catapult was ready and Levi being the lightest, was offered the honor of taking the first trip across the rooftop into the targeted pile of pillows. Moments later, Wally and Booker make the first launch, but their subject passes over the target and sails off the rooftop onto the street below. Levi joins the pair and remarks that he will miss the dummy they just flung over the edge. Booker says the catapult invitation is still open, but Levi once again refuses. Explaining their living situation, Booker and Levi invite Wally to visit them later in their apartment, 3B. Arriving on the third floor, Wally spots a couple of girls carrying sleeping gear. After pausing once to pick up a fallen object, it soon appears the girls are dropping their stuff on purpose. When Wally makes that observation, one girl blurts out that he has eyes like a pony, while her friend makes the strange comment that her belly button smells like rice. When he replies that the bizarre statements are nice to know the girls gather up their possessions and slip into the very apartment that Wally had come to find. Wally knocks of the door the girls just entered and is greeted by Levi and Booker who let him in. He waves at the pair of girls from the hallway who wave back before tumbling to the floor and crawling away. Booker explains the scene as his "weird sister with her weird friend being weird." Wally says that all families are a little weird. A woman Wally shortly learns is Booker's mom abruptly emerges from the closet handing her son a bat until she returns from the bathroom. Levi claims their family is a lot weird. Booker introduces Wally to his mom. who sits down on the couch to get to know him. Wally states that he is in Seventh grade, his family just moved from Colorado, his dad is an accountant and his mom a clown. He finishes that he is a Leo prone to adventuring, but Levi as a Virgo would keep him in check. Booker's mom repeats that his mother is a clown, and he clarifies that she had been in a circus but shifted to being a party clown after he was born. Wally then follows Booker and Levi to their room. There Booker and Levi show off "Fort McFort" a blanket structure which quickly falls apart under inspection. Wally tells them not to worry, as he will help them rebuild. Within a few minutes the trio have constructed a much more elaborate bedding edifice and are so impressed by their efforts that they decide to institute additional security declaring that only those who know the password "Password McPassword" are allowed entrance. Wally grants Booker and Levi access to explore inside, dubbing the younger boy, "Big Guy," much to Levi's delight. Yet before Wally can join his friends within, he is distracted by the aroma of freshly baked cookies, and leaves to investigate the source. He tracks the smell to across the hall to Booker's sister Nia's room, where he finds the girls with a plate of cookies and asks if they have another. The girls ask if he likes cookies and Booker replies that everyone does, as he hands the plate to Wally as he and Levi enter the room. As Wally and Levi sample the cookies Booker declares they should return to Fort McFort as it almost oh-six-hundred. Booker leads the way followed by Wally with the plate of cookies, Levi leaves, after telling the girls it was time hip-hop karaoke. Later, after a trip to the recycling bin the trio find enough metallic trash to fashion a pair of robot armor suits for Booker and Levi. Wally states that he was surprised to see so many pizza boxes, and Levi explains that his mom is in charge of dinner, and it is considered the safest option with her limited cooking skills. At that point both girls entered the room separately, each seeking contact lenses Booker and Levi state they did not have. Booker tried to shoo them away by stating they didn't know the password, but his sister's friend Tess stumbles across the correct phrase. Stymied, and muttering that they had been hacked, Booker and Levi retreated back to the fort. Wally said that the girls were cool, which made the girls happy as they were afraid, that he thought they were lame. As Wally began to don his robot armor the girls shut the door, bringing down Fort McFort for a second time. Wally joins the rest of the kids as the Baxter twins decide to complain about each to their mother. However, a bizarre scene is unfolding as they reach the living room where a hysterical Raven Baxter, despite the calming efforts of Levi's mom, Chelsea, is viciously berating a clown, whom Wally instantly recognizes as his own mom, Diane. Clearly offended for being attacked for simply being a clown, Diane collects Wally and departs, seemingly with no intention of ever returning. That same night, Wally's mom discovers a blue balloon with a dinner invitation to the Baxters' tied to it. When she intends to disregard it, Wally begs her to accept it. When they arrive at the apartment, Wally and his mother discover that everyone else (except Tess, who claims to be Nia's "Plus One,"} has received a similar balloon invitation to dinner. Raven then appears dressed as a clown. At first, Wally's mom Diane suspects that she is being mocked, but gradually realizes that Raven is attempting to express her fears and feelings in a fashion she hopes the other woman can understand. Ultimately, his mother finds Raven's performance, moving, and forgives her. and Wally and everyone else in the room applauds. In celebration, everyone has an enjoyable meal together. When everyone else gathers in the kitchen, Wally and Booker take the opportunity to attempt to sneak the giant gorilla hand into Booker's room, but Raven's voice is heard warning that she doesn't want it in her house and the pair of boys quickly head out into the hall, needing a new place to hide their furry find. Wally was played by Tristan DeVan.

Richard MoseleyGeneralFull nameRichard MoseleyGenderMaleResides inChicago, IllinoisOccupationBusiness MagnateAppearanceEye colorBrownHair colorBrownRelationshipsFamilyMitch Moseley (son)Affiliations352 Hauser Avenue (Owner)ProductionSeason (s)2Appears inCop To ItPortrayed byMatt CorboyRichard Moseley was the business magnate who purchased 352 Hauser Avenue from the Jablonskis. To introduce himself to the tenants, he organizes a meeting on the rooftop of the property. After identifying himself, he announces that he would be not just the landlord, but a neighbor as well, as he is moving into a penthouse on the fourth floor. Nia then presents him with a list of suggested improvements, and Richard states that the new building manager, his right-hand man, Mitch, will deal with it. Mitch is then revealed to be Richard's twelve-year-old son. As soon as Mitch takes over the podium, Richard departs, leaving all subsequent building matters squarely in Mitch's hands.Richard Moseley was played by Matt Corboy. 041b061a72


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