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All The Beauty And The Bloodshed

I have a fascination with the sky, with clouds. They're about beauty, but they're also imbued with a kind of loneliness. And it's about getting old and trying to understand mortality. I think they're emblematic of my struggle with mortality. I've realized I'm mortal. And as a young person, I was immortal. ...

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

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I cried for two hours straight: for how inspiring she is as a complex and whole human being, for the transcendent moments of activism, for the beauty of her art, for the pain that she's experienced, for her sister, for all the beautiful lives lost to senseless greed and stigma, for the bereaved parents, for the many victims, beauty beauty beauty, blood.

A huge fan of Renaissance art, five centuries ago, Goldin would have been under Medici patronage. She has described herself as "obsessed with the ritual and the beauty of Catholic art," using light, perspective and layers to make us feel as if we're witnessing certain emotions for the first time. 041b061a72


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