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the first two metal gear solidgames are perhaps the most obvious of the series to follow, as they succeed in being less of a game, and more of a film. it is possible to just sit down and play them in any order (the first game is available as a download in steam ), but you really need to know what's going on to make the most of them. this is something that can't be said of metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots . the plot is about as intricate and multi-layered as it is on the surface; but it is very straightforward, and the game itself is easy to follow, even if you do not understand it. instead, the biggest strength of the game is that, as has been the case since its predecessor, it is a game that makes you feel that you are playing the game, and not just watching it.

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things are looking bleak for snake as he is attacked by the russian mercenaries and sent into hiding, until he is contacted by the cia, which sends him to a remote island, where he is given a new identity. now working with the cia, snake sets out to infiltrate the russian paramilitary unit gru and steal the metal gear. the plot thickens as you discover the origins of the metal gear and uncover a conspiracy that threatens the entire world.

kojima's works are known for their experimental, non-linear storylines. metal gear solid 2 does not follow a traditional linear plot, and this is where it really shines. kojima's unique style of storytelling is second to none. you can play the game as snake, who is the protagonist of the story, but you can also play as ocelot (who is not even the main character of the game), or as naked snake, a different character that is not even a playable one (but is playable if you have a gamecube copy of the game, which is the metal gear solid: portable ops). the game contains several cutscenes, and some other scenes are looped. while playing the game, you can skip the cutscenes by pressing a certain button.


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