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Iphone 7 Buy One Get One ((BETTER))

Thanks for the steps. Could you please verify this is PERMANENT solution? Since mine works ok when I restart my phone. I dont know whats the issue, but starts again after while? Could you please check that too. Thanks a lot. i returned my iphone 7 plus and have same problem again. Dont know why.

iphone 7 buy one get one

Oh, your and my problems are sooooo much the same desiadri! I'm on my 3rd replacement iphone and all 3 do the same thing. They work great for a week or two, then bam something happens and the drain changes from about 15 per hour (when it's working good) to 6-8% per hour without even using the phone. In fact, when the drain is excessive it drains 6-8% per hour, if I'm using the phone constantly or if it is sitting on my desk and not being used...

I too sometimes will have 6-8% drop per hour at work, but when I leave work the drain is back to 1% per hour. I am in a high reception cellular area, and have tried everything since October. I'm getting really frustrated after 3 months with this problem. I only have about 6 apps installed at this point because I keep restoring to new and starting over, but I'm beginning to think it's not the apps. Oddly it happened today when I left work and forgot my phone, so the phone was disconnected from my watch and it drained 25% in a hour and a half- could it have something to do with the iphone? If you figure any more out, please let me know... 041b061a72


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