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What is Goose Goose Duck and Why You Should Download It Now

Players become part of a crew of geese that has to take care of the starship SS Mother Goose, which has been sent on an exploration voyage by the technologically advanced goose race. Some of the crew members, however, are not really geese but ducks, pretending to be geese, whose mission is to sabotage the ship.

Goose, goose, DUCK? A game of social deduction where you and your fellow geese must work together to complete your mission. Keep an eye out for those malicious Mallards and other birds, who have infiltrated your team and will do anything to stop you.This Game Includes:Private and Public Game Lobbies.Public In-game voice chat and optional proximity chat in private lobbies.Loads of Cosmetics to customize your goose! Hats, Shirts, Farts, Pets!Crafting! Complete tasks to obtain materials to craft cosmetics.5+ maps including S.S. Mothership, Nexus Colony, Black Swan and Mallard Manor!5+ built-in game modes including Classic, Trick or Treat, Classic+, Dine & Dash, and Goose Hunt!30+ optional sub-roles including the Dodo Bird, the Cannibal, and the Morphling!

download goose goose duck

Goose Goose Duck is an action and social deduction game with cute 2D graphics. The essence of this game is similar to Among Us, but the crew members of the ship are transformed into gooses and the impostors are transformed into ducks. The APK of the game not only offers better gameplay and lots of additional options, but it is also free.

First, it features five game modes. In general, gooses must complete all assigned tasks before being killed by the ducks. The ducks, on the other hand, have to kill the geese without getting caught. However, the rules change slightly depending on the game mode.

But that is not all. This game is complemented by over 30 sub roles, five scenarios, and lots of varied missions that make the game really entertaining, even when we get to be a simple goose. Furthermore, there is also a function to design our own accessories to customize the appearance of our duck. And voting with voice chat could not be missing.

A fan-made 3d printable model based on the base character from Goose, goose, DUCK? A game of social deduction where you and your fellow geese must work together to complete your mission. Keep an eye out for those malicious Mallards and other birds, who have infiltrated your team and will do anything to stop you.

In Goose Goose Duck, there are six game modes. You can opt for Classic if you're new, which is similar to your Classic Among Us gameplay. There are a few ducks you'll have to eliminate, and in order to win the game, you must complete the tasks before you're all killed by the ducks. Or you can choose Goose Hunt, which is killer duck mode plus (which is more fun if you're the duck, and not-so-fun if you're the goose).

Fame aside, it's also arguably easier to control in general, since you have an on-screen joystick at the bottom of your screen on mobile. Goose Goose Duck, conversely, makes you drag your duck/goose around. Overall, if you're new to these kinds of tag games, Among Us will be easier for you to understand at first.

Goose Goose Duck can be easier to win if you have a lot of Geese on your side, and if you're playing a small map like Blackswan or Mothergoose. Smaller maps will make you discover bodies faster, and it's also easier to report a body in Goose Goose Duck. Spotting one allows you to report it to others immediately, without having to smash Emergency Meeting at the center of the map.

- NEW, OFFICIAL MODDING API! Join the discord and check the #goose-mods channel for more info on this :D - YOUR OWN NOT-EPAD TEXTS! Add whatever notepad phrases you want, and the goose will pull them up!

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From 0.2+:- Unlimited memes! Put whatever memes you want in the assets folder! Goose will bring them.- Added GIF support!- Config the goose! Alter properties in the config.goos file (open it in Notepad) to adjust his aggression!)

Goose Goose Duck is a multiplayer strategy game that was released in April 2021, where players play as either a goose or a duck. Geese work together to complete tasks whilst simultaneously surviving one player who will take on the role of a duck. Ducks must trick their rival geese by posing as a goose and subtly taking out other players.

A good strategy to take on during the game is to stick with a partner or friend throughout. The game has zero special items to aid success, so it is crucial that careful strategy is used to win in the game. If playing as a goose, the main objective should be to complete as many tasks as possible whilst avoiding the ducks.

Asking for help performing a task from a fellow goose when gamers are playing as a duck is an excellent way of luring geese to your location and making them victims without giving up a hiding space. Playing this way as a duck also continues the facade that the player is in fact one of the geese on the ship.

Meetings in the game are used to meet with teammates as a goose and to discuss any suspicious activities or suspected ducks. If the player sees anyone disappear from the map or into an air vent, make sure to call a meeting as soon as possible so that the players teammates can discuss and work towards discovering the duck.

Although it may be tempting to jump right into the game, watching the tutorial will give gamers an immediate head start and an advantage over players who decided to skip. The tutorial covers gameplay and some tips on how to be successful both as a duck and a goose.

Goose, goose, DUCK? Goose, goose, DUCK? A game of social deduction where you and your fellow geese must work together to complete your mission. Keep an eye out for those malicious Mallards and other birds, who have infiltrated your team and will do anything to stop you.

Desktop Goose is a free strategy program that lets a virtual goose control and patrol your desktop screen. The pixelated goose interacts with you while you use your Windows device, like an interactive screensaver. You can customize Desktop Goose to change certain behaviors, like when the goose enters your screen.

Similarly, you can also see the iconic goose in action within your browser. The Desktop Goose Chrome extension is an even smaller add-on, in both storage and in scale. Basically, you only need to download it as a part of your Google Chrome extensions and activate it as you would with any other extension. It will then start walking around your browser window and even nudge or pull tabs.

Desktop Goose is a lightweight program that does not require much storage space to download. The illustrated goose that waddles around the screen can only interact with the files that are in the Desktop Goose folder. The animated animal can randomly gain control of your mouse to move the cursor around the screen, however, the goose will not click any items by accident.

While Desktop Goose is not bad for your PC, the program inhibits your productivity. Since the goose can control your cursor, the PC pet can disrupt your activities and work. In case the goose enters your screen to take over your mouse while you play a computer game, then you lose control of your actions and cannot properly complete your gaming experience.

A simple line of code will appear in the Notepad application to let you alter Desktop Goose by writing either true or false for whether the goose can attack your cursor and the time in seconds for when the goose appears. The configurator lets you choose the minimum and maximum time in seconds that the goose can wander around.

The actual application is in the Desktop Goose folder. You can double-click on the file to launch the program. While you can change the amount of time that the goose takes to appear to zero, the goose does not come onto your screen immediately, by default.

The goose interrupts your screen time by waddling onto your screen with mud, signs, or alone. The computerized animal can start to charge at you by abruptly turning in the direction of your cursor. The goose inevitably catches your pointer to drag the cursor around.

In case you want to get rid of the goose, then hold the escape button down. A loading bar appears in the upper right corner of your desktop screen to let you know how much longer until the goose disappears. The taskbar lets you turn Desktop Goose off as well.

Desktop Goose is essentially a PC toy. Since you can customize the user experience to decide when the goose appears on your screen, the program is worthwhile to someone who wants a virtual pet. The program comes with GIFs, memes, and music for the goose to use to entertain you. In case you are working on an important project, then the best bet is that you turn Desktop Goose off for the period.

Goose, goose, DUCK? You and your crew on the SS Mother Goose must work together to keep your ship in tip-top shape during your long interplanetary quest. Keep an eye out for those malicious Mallards, who are out to get you and your team.

The basic gameplay starts with you either as a duck or goose. Here the imposters are the ducks who pretend to be geese and try to eliminate the crew members. If you are chosen among the Goose, you need to complete tasks assigned to you and the other fellow geese. If these tasks are completed before the ducks kill all the crewmates, the Goose wins. If you are chosen as a duck or imposter, you have to eliminate all the geese before completing their tasks.

Here the actual challenge when you are a duck is to discreetly eliminate the goose without noticing that you are the defaulter. If a goose spots you killing another goose, you need to cunningly talk everyone out of the situation to secure your place among the rest. This might seem not easy at the start, but as you play along, it becomes very interesting and develops your strategic mind. Getting out of situations using your intellect and cunningly progressing through the game is all you have to do.


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